Why “Long-Bell” Pizza Co?

We loved the connection of history & local community that exists in the Longview Area. Long’s personal value for self-sustaining farms resonate with our own restaurant values: locally sourced, self-sustaining, and socially responsible. It was a great inspiration for our restaurant concept: supporting the local community, from-scratch, made in our kitchen. When you eat at a restaurant that shares these values – you can taste it in the food. We hope you will.

The name Long-Bell Pizza Co. ties back to the founding father of the Longview Lake area, Robert A. Long, who owned the land back in 1914. He was also the co-owner of the Long-Bell Lumber Co., which was responsible for building Kansas City’s first skyscraper, along with his business partner, Victor Bell.


Our desire was to honor the man who owned the land originally by naming our pizza company after his lumber company.

The decorative arches seen at the entrance to New Longview were the original gates to Longview farm, known as “the world’s most beautiful farm,” purchased by Long to give to his horse-loving daughter, Loula Long, a place for her to raise and ride her horses. We wanted to tie our pizza company into the history and local community by naming our business after his business.